Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Buyers Guide to Export Compliance

When working out what compliance procedures to follow it is important to understand what it is that is being exported. Goods being exported are split into two categories when it comes to export controls, Military and Dual Use.

Any goods designed for military purposes is subject to export controls while Dual Use goods are those which, although designed originally for commercial applications, can still be used in alternative military applications. The list for controlled Dual Use goods is split into ten categories:

Category 0 Nuclear Materials, Facilities and Equipment
Category 1 Special Materials and Related Equipment
Category 2 Materials Processing
Category 3 Electronics
Category 4 Computers
Category 5 Telecomms and Information Security
Category 6 Sensors and Lasers
Category 7 Navigation and Avionics
Category 8 Marine
Category 9 Aerospace and Propulsion

In deciding whether or not your goods may be considered as controlled, it is important to view the list and find the category that best describes the goods. Remember, the list does not list manufacturers names, part numbers or date codes. If you find that the lists describe your goods then you must view the specifications and characteristics to see if your goods are controlled. If they are, then an export licence is required.

If you are unsure, then you can request an assessment of your goods via the Control List Classification Advice Service available on the ECO's SPIRE export licensing database.

A PDF copy of the full list is available from the website for the department for business, innovation and skills. The link is here:

More information on applying for a licence and some helpful videos can be found here:

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

6 Good Reasons To Choose Cyclops As Your Number One Electronic Component Distributor

Whether you require Obsolete Components, Shortage Components or a Day-to-Day purchasing supplier, when you work with Cyclops Electronics you'll benefit from these six commitments we make to you…

Money Back Quality Guarantee - 1 Year Money Back Quality Guarantee which means that you can feel confident everytime you buy from us.

We are so confident in our supplier network that in the rare event that the components you purchase from Cyclops Electronics Ltd fail to meet manufacturer specifications, within 1 year from date of purchase, we will either replace the parts or refund the purchase price which means that you can feel confident every time you buy from us.

Anti Counterfeit, Inspection and Testing Procedures - When last analysed Cyclops Electronics RMA rate was less than 0.05% of all lines shipped, giving you complete peace of mind that your production lines, and your profitability, won’t be compromised by counterfeit components.

To enhance our strict ISO 9001 quality and testing procedures we also use the Sentry Counterfeit Detector from ABI Electronics to ensure the authenticity of devices and to protect you from counterfeit products. In addition, we also have the capability to conduct X-Ray, X-Ray Fluorescence, high resolution microscopy, dimensional analysis and decapsulation tests to further screen our components.

Extensive Stock Holding - At the last count Cyclops had over 91,603 stocked line items of active, passive and electromechanical components which can be shipped straight to your production line so you get the parts you need immediately.

Cyclops has over £40m worth of stock in our purpose built environmentally controlled storage facility. In addition, we also have access to over 10.5 million other line items, all of which can be ordered to meet your production requirements.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention - When asked, 95% of customers would call Cyclops Electronics Ltd first the next time they required electronic components, giving you the confidence that you can rely on us to go the ‘extra mile’ to get the parts you need.

Our highly trained, dedicated account managers are very responsive to your needs and try much harder. This means that even when your requirement is more difficult than normal to source you can count on us to go the 'extra mile' to get the parts you need. If all else fails, we will work to find appropriate alternatives which can be cross referenced from our extensive technical data library avoiding costly redesigns.

Rapid Sourcing and Fast Response - Over the last 12 months 98.87% of all components ordered from Cyclops Electronics were delivered within 24-72 hours of order so that you can be certain you will get the parts you need, when you need them.

We understand how important it is to get orders delivered on time and, when production schedules are at stake, you can rely on us to treat your enquiries with the utmost importance and urgency. We are so confident in our rapid turnaround of stocked orders that, if we do not meet our agreed delivery date, we will ship your order “Freight Free”.

Financially Secure Group - The Cyclops Goup is ranked among the top Independent Stocking Distributors in the world.

Cyclops Electronics Ltd was founded by an entrepreneur in 1990 and has grown into a premier global stocking Electronic Component Distributor with 8 international offices. The corporation has no long-term debt and finances it’s own acquisitions and growth, expanding the services that we can provide to the electronics industry.